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Release 2019.01.0v2019.01.0
Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ SED_PROCESS = \
# then increment age.
# If any interfaces have been removed or changed since the last release,
# then set age to 0.
pkginclude_HEADERS = \
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+dt-utils 2019.01.0
+This release includes contributions from Andrey Smirnov, Antony Pavlov, Daniel Schultz, Enrico
+Jorns, Ian Abbott, Juergen Borleis, Ladislav Michl, Lucas Stach, Michael Olbrich, Philipp Zabel,
+Roland Hieber, Sam Ravnborg, Sascha Hauer, Ulrich Ölmann, and Uwe Kleine-König. Thanks to all
+* libdt: fix leaks of memory returned by read_file() calls
+* libdt: xzalloc: die on failure, like the similar-named kernel function
+* libdt: add of_property_write_string() as a convenience function to set a property to a string
+* libdt: add dev_set_name() as a convenience function to set a device's name
+* state: harmonize our implementation with upstream barebox:
+ - Fixes:
+ . backend_bucket_circular: fix the case when write size is not a power of 2
+ . backend_bucket_circular: fix length check when reading old state format
+ . backend_bucket_circular: fix two memory leaks
+ . backend_storage: don't refresh the storage needlessly
+ . fix error return value when state_new_from_node() cannot resolve a phandle
+ . fix use-after-free in state_backend_format_dtb_pack()
+ . make finding the backend node more robust by using its reproducible name
+ . remove checks for xzalloc() returning NULL, which cannot happen
+ . do not complain about missing backend-storage-type, which is irrelevant for mtd devices
+ - Potentially breaking changes:
+ . make pointing to the backend using a phandle the only supported method
+ . state nodes without an alias in the /aliases/ node now lead to an error. barebox already creates
+ a missing alias in the fixupped device tree automatically since v2017.06.0.
+ . refuse to set the read-only 'dirty' state variable
+ . remove unused arguments from state_new_from_node()
+ - New features:
+ . add new 'init_from_defaults' state variable to allow detection whether a state has been
+ initialized from default values, i.e. state_load() failed.
+ . add an internal variable to protect existing data in a state bucket and make updates of the
+ state implementation more robust
+ . add new function state_read_mac() to read a MAC address from state
+ . notify when the old state format is detected (this was previously a debugging message)
+ . provide an error message when an error occurs in state_convert_node_variable()
+ . add more debugging messages
+ - port several changes to barebox's fixup functions, but since device trees are already fixupped at
+ boot time, this code is never used by dt-utils
+ - some further minor refactoring as well fixing some typos and documentation comments
dt-utils 2018.05.1
change project mail to
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- [2018.05.1],
+ [2019.01.0],