BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterreason: disable fixed-partitions check for qemu-mipsRoland Hieber12 days
nextreason: disable fixed-partitions check for qemu-mipsRoland Hieber12 days
rsc/for-mainlineplatform-v7a: barebox: version bump 2019.10.0 -> 2019.11.0Robert Schwebel11 months
rsc/topic/open62541fixup! open62541: add industrial communication packageRobert Schwebel15 months
cfi/for-mainlineplatform-rpi: Update firmware to current releaseChris Fiege22 months
DistroKit-2019.12.0DistroKit-2019.12.0.tar.gz  Robert Schwebel9 months
DistroKit-2018.03.0DistroKit-2018.03.0.tar.gz  Robert Schwebel3 years
DistroKit-2017.12.0DistroKit-2017.12.0.tar.gz  Robert Schwebel3 years
DistroKit-2017.11.0DistroKit-2017.11.0.tar.gz  Robert Schwebel3 years
DistroKit-0000.00.0DistroKit-0000.00.0.tar.gz  Robert Schwebel4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 daysreason: disable fixed-partitions check for qemu-mipsHEADnextmasterRoland Hieber1-0/+7
13 daysx86_64: kernel: version bump 5.6.2 -> 5.8.9Roland Hieber2-69/+99
13 daysv8a: kernel: version bump 5.8 -> 5.8.9Roland Hieber2-6/+7
13 daysv7a: image-vexpress: slim down imageRoland Hieber1-4/+5
13 daysv7a: barebox: version bump 2020.06.0 -> 2020.08.1Roland Hieber16-184/+59
13 daysv7a: images: add more helpful kconfig help textsRoland Hieber7-7/+8
13 daysv7a: kernel: version bump 5.8 -> 5.8.9Roland Hieber1-4/+4
13 daysdoc: rpi: mention that Raspberry Pi Zero W is also supportedRoland Hieber2-4/+4
13 daysrpi: barebox: migrate defaultenv from /env/config to nv variablesRoland Hieber2-19/+1
13 daysrpi: barebox: version bump 2018.03.0 -> 2020.08.1Roland Hieber4-19/+185