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Required properties for VDMA:
- xlnx,num-fstores: Should be the number of framebuffers as configured in h/w.
-Optional properties:
-- xlnx,include-sg: Tells configured for Scatter-mode in
- the hardware.
Optional properties for AXI DMA:
+- xlnx,sg-length-width: Should be set to the width in bits of the length
+ register as configured in h/w. Takes values {8...26}. If the property
+ is missing or invalid then the default value 23 is used. This is the
+ maximum value that is supported by all IP versions.
- xlnx,mcdma: Tells whether configured for multi-channel mode in the hardware.
Optional properties for VDMA:
- xlnx,flush-fsync: Tells which channel to Flush on Frame sync.