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@@ -59,15 +59,6 @@ Optional properties:
is specified and the ciu clock is specified then we'll try to set the ciu
clock to this at probe time.
-* clock-freq-min-max (DEPRECATED): Minimum and Maximum clock frequency for card output
- clock(cclk_out). If it's not specified, max is 200MHZ and min is 400KHz by default.
- (Use the "max-frequency" instead of "clock-freq-min-max".)
-* num-slots (DEPRECATED): specifies the number of slots supported by the controller.
- The number of physical slots actually used could be equal or less than the
- value specified by num-slots. If this property is not specified, the value
- of num-slot property is assumed to be 1.
* fifo-depth: The maximum size of the tx/rx fifo's. If this property is not
specified, the default value of the fifo size is determined from the
controller registers.