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+Broadcom TRX Container Partition
+TRX is Broadcom's official firmware format for the BCM947xx boards. It's used by
+most of the vendors building devices based on Broadcom's BCM47xx SoCs and is
+supported by the CFE bootloader.
+Design of the TRX format is very minimalistic. Its header contains
+identification fields, CRC32 checksum and the locations of embedded partitions.
+Its purpose is to store a few partitions in a format that can be distributed as
+a standalone file and written in a flash memory.
+Container can hold up to 4 partitions. The first partition has to contain a
+device executable binary (e.g. a kernel) as it's what the CFE bootloader starts
+executing. Other partitions can be used for operating system purposes. This is
+useful for systems that keep kernel and rootfs separated.
+TRX doesn't enforce any strict partition boundaries or size limits. All
+partitions have to be less than the 4GiB max size limit.
+There are two existing/known TRX variants:
+1) v1 which contains 3 partitions
+2) v2 which contains 4 partitions
+There aren't separated compatible bindings for them as version can be trivialy
+detected by a software parsing TRX header.
+Required properties:
+- compatible : (required) must be "brcm,trx"
+flash@0 {
+ partitions {
+ compatible = "brcm,trx";
+ };