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@@ -69,6 +69,17 @@ Optional properties:
(no, min, max) where each value represents either a voltage
in microvolts or a value corresponding to voltage corner.
+- qcom,manual-pullup: If present, vbus is not routed to USB controller/phy
+ and controller driver therefore enables pull-up explicitly
+ before starting controller using usbcmd run/stop bit.
+- extcon: phandles to external connector devices. First phandle
+ should point to external connector, which provide "USB"
+ cable events, the second should point to external connector
+ device, which provide "USB-HOST" cable events. If one of
+ the external connector devices is not required empty <0>
+ phandle should be specified.
Example HSUSB OTG controller device node:
usb@f9a55000 {