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* common: fix typos found with codespellYegor Yefremov2020-03-231-2/+2
* libbb: Drop simple_itoa()Andrey Smirnov2019-05-281-1/+6
* Shell: Handle aborting loops betterSascha Hauer2019-04-241-1/+2
* hush: Add extra define for hush debuggingSascha Hauer2018-11-271-25/+30
* hush: Add pr_fmt defineSascha Hauer2018-11-271-0/+3
* hush: make source_aliases[] constIan Abbott2017-05-191-1/+1
* hush: fix indentationSascha Hauer2016-01-111-17/+17
* hush: Initialize struct p_contextSascha Hauer2016-01-111-3/+3
* hush: Add missing initialize_context() in some placesSascha Hauer2015-11-051-0/+6
* login: rework login mechanismSascha Hauer2015-08-281-0/+3
* Fix spelling: pathes -> pathsWadim Egorov2015-01-281-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2014-08-071-1/+1
| * hush: Fix error code returned valueHerve Codina2014-07-091-1/+1
* | move file helper functions to separate fileSascha Hauer2014-08-071-0/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2014-06-041-5/+7
| * hush: setting variables may failSascha Hauer2014-05-161-5/+7
* | commands: HUSH_GETOPT -> CMD_GETOPTHolger Schurig2014-05-141-4/+4
* | commands: harmonize in-barebox documentationHolger Schurig2014-05-141-33/+22
* | commands: group 'help' outputHolger Schurig2014-05-141-0/+4
* Add shell_expand functionSascha Hauer2014-03-281-0/+33
* run_command: remove unused flag parameterSascha Hauer2014-03-071-1/+1
* hush: refactor reserved_word()Sascha Hauer2013-11-121-32/+32
* hush: use standard ARRAY_SIZESascha Hauer2013-11-121-2/+4
* hush: Be more informative on syntax errorSascha Hauer2013-11-121-3/+22
* consolidate syntax() and syntax_err()Sascha Hauer2013-11-121-4/+3
* hush: rename __promptme to interruptSascha Hauer2013-11-121-10/+8
* hush: refactor file_get()Sascha Hauer2013-11-121-13/+15
* hush: refactor get_user_input()Sascha Hauer2013-11-121-15/+17
* hush: refactor readline callSascha Hauer2013-11-121-5/+6
* hush: fix exit on syntax error behaviourSascha Hauer2013-11-121-2/+5
* process_escape_sequence: add support to \$?Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2013-09-181-0/+6
* treewide: Fix typo seperate -> separateSascha Hauer2013-05-211-1/+1
* hush: implement $*Sascha Hauer2013-02-261-0/+21
* hush: add getopt only if it enabledAlexander Aring2013-02-111-1/+2
* treewide: fix format specifiersSascha Hauer2013-01-271-3/+1
* Treewide: remove address of the Free Software FoundationSascha Hauer2012-09-171-3/+0
* hush: catch errors from execute_binfmtSascha Hauer2012-08-101-3/+8
* hush: Make exit a shell builtinSascha Hauer2012-08-101-5/+31
* hush getopt: shift argv argumentsSascha Hauer2012-07-041-1/+4
* hush: do not convert to return code too earlySascha Hauer2012-05-231-5/+11
* run_shell: run again on ctrl-cSascha Hauer2012-05-211-4/+6
* Merge branch 'next'Sascha Hauer2012-05-031-316/+486
| * hush: allow to run interactive shell in do_shSascha Hauer2012-04-301-1/+1
| * hush: Fix globbingSascha Hauer2012-04-301-48/+79
| * hush: pass GLOB_NOCHECK to globSascha Hauer2012-04-301-6/+1
| * hush: simplify globhackSascha Hauer2012-04-301-31/+8
| * hush: remove quotes at end of processingSascha Hauer2012-04-301-23/+66
| * hush: run_pipe_real: bail out early to safe an indention levelSascha Hauer2012-04-301-51/+47
| * hush: run_pipe_real must have num_progs == 1Sascha Hauer2012-04-301-7/+9
| * hush: remove bogus 'else'Sascha Hauer2012-04-301-1/+3