path: root/drivers/net/cpsw.c
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* net: cpsw: Make phy its own driverSascha Hauer2019-08-281-82/+96
* net: cpsw: adopt to upstream device tree changesSascha Hauer2019-07-101-6/+10
* net: ethernet: cpsw: cpsw-phy-sel: Use phandle for phy selTeresa Remmet2019-02-131-6/+11
* Merge branch 'for-next/spdx'Sascha Hauer2018-12-071-14/+1
| * drivers: net: convert drivers to spdxOleksij Rempel2018-12-061-14/+1
* | Merge branch 'for-next/missing-prototypes'Sascha Hauer2018-12-071-1/+1
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * net: cpsw: Make locally used function staticSascha Hauer2018-11-191-1/+1
* | net: cpsw: support "phy-handle" and deprecate "phy_id"Sascha Hauer2018-11-191-2/+2
* drivers: Introduce dev_set_name()Andrey Smirnov2018-10-181-1/+1
* net: cpsw: fix probe with fixed-linkAndreas Schmidt2018-03-051-4/+6
* net: cpsw: Call phy_device_connect() earlierSascha Hauer2018-02-221-15/+4
* driver: replace dev_request_mem_region with dev_request_mem_resourceSascha Hauer2016-03-071-3/+5
* net: Make set_ethaddr argument constSascha Hauer2015-06-261-1/+1
* net: cpsw: unregister device on remove callbackSascha Hauer2015-04-281-5/+39
* net: cpsw: convert to streaming DMA opsLucas Stach2015-03-061-5/+7
* net: cpsw: prevent stray cache writebackLucas Stach2015-03-031-0/+1
* net: cpsw: ignore error on slave setupSascha Hauer2015-01-061-15/+14
* Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2014-11-051-0/+13
| * net: cpsw: Set phy device_node pointer in probeWadim Egorov2014-11-031-0/+13
* | net: cpsw: Fix probe for one port ethernetTeresa Gámez2014-10-141-2/+2
* | net: cpsw: Allow gigabit connectionJan Weitzel2014-10-081-2/+1
* resource: Let dev_request_mem_region return an error pointerSascha Hauer2014-09-161-0/+3
* net: cpsw: Allow multiple slavesSascha Hauer2014-05-151-10/+6
* net: cpsw: Always write mac_control registerSascha Hauer2014-05-151-7/+0
* net: cpsw: use slave device for dev_dbgSascha Hauer2014-05-151-15/+16
* net: cpsw: register slaves as devicesSascha Hauer2014-05-151-1/+12
* net: cpsw: Pass correct slaveSascha Hauer2014-05-151-2/+2
* net: Pass eth_device to net_receiveSascha Hauer2014-05-151-1/+1
* net cpsw: fix rx stability under heavy network loadChristoph Fritz2014-05-051-1/+6
* net: cpsw: Fix gmii_sel configJan Weitzel2013-12-121-0/+1
* net: cpsw: straighten error pathSascha Hauer2013-11-271-5/+13
* net: cpsw: attach slave to edev->privSascha Hauer2013-11-271-14/+20
* net: cpsw: drop for_each_slaveSascha Hauer2013-11-271-26/+14
* net: cpsw: move eth_device into slaveSascha Hauer2013-11-271-17/+16
* cpsw: Add devicetree probe supportSascha Hauer2013-11-271-7/+159
* net: cpsw: inline slave_dataSascha Hauer2013-11-221-5/+7
* Use new device_platform_driver() macro for driversAlexander Shiyan2013-02-131-7/+1
* drivers: net: add driver for TI CPSWJan Luebbe2013-01-101-0/+1070