path: root/drivers/pinctrl/imx-iomux-v3.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* pinctrl: i.MX7: Fix LPSR sel_imput settingSascha Hauer2017-02-061-1/+1
* ARM i.MX: Add i.MX6SL supportAlexander Kurz2017-02-021-0/+2
* pinmmux: i.MX: add pin mux support for i.MX7Juergen Borleis2017-01-201-8/+32
* i.MX: iomuxv3: Use helper functions in iomux-v3.hAndrey Smirnov2017-01-121-34/+4
* pinmux: imx-iomux-v3: Add i.MX6ul supportSascha Hauer2016-11-081-0/+2
* pinctrl: iomux-v3: Cleaning SION patch before applyingAlexander Shiyan2016-05-311-1/+3
* driver: replace dev_request_mem_region with dev_request_mem_resourceSascha Hauer2016-03-071-1/+5
* pinctrl: Add i.MX6sx compatible entrySascha Hauer2014-11-271-0/+2
* pinctrl: i.MX iomux-v3: Print more context in error messageSascha Hauer2014-05-081-1/+2
* ARM: i.MX: Make mxc_iomux_v3_setup_multiple_pads argument constSascha Hauer2014-02-201-2/+2
* treewide: Add missing includesSascha Hauer2013-11-081-0/+1
* pinctrl: imx-iomux-v3: Add imx6dl compatible entrySascha Hauer2013-06-251-0/+2
* pinctrl: imx-iomux-v3: only register pinctrl when device node is availableSascha Hauer2013-05-211-1/+1
* pinctrl: switch i.MX iomux-v3 support to pinctrlSascha Hauer2013-04-231-0/+212