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* mfd: stpmic1: use dev_get_regmap instead of priv memberAhmad Fatoum2019-11-061-1/+4
* watchdog: add support for Fintek F718xx and, F818xx Super I/OAhmad Fatoum2019-10-143-0/+389
* Merge branch 'for-next/stm32'Sascha Hauer2019-09-123-0/+231
| * watchdog: add support for STPMIC1 integrated watchdogAhmad Fatoum2019-09-093-0/+231
* | reset_source: drop reset_source_set_instance()Uwe Kleine-König2019-08-281-2/+1
* watchdog: stm32_iwdg: remove left-over commentAhmad Fatoum2019-07-111-5/+0
* watchdog: add stm32 watchdog and reset driverAhmad Fatoum2019-06-193-0/+307
* watchdog: imx: Add big endian register access supportSascha Hauer2019-03-133-3/+12
* watchdog: imx: Add register accessor functionsSascha Hauer2019-03-131-14/+24
* Merge branch 'for-next/rpi'Sascha Hauer2019-03-071-0/+5
| * watchdog: bcm2835: set timeout_max.Tomaz Solc2019-02-181-0/+5
* | Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2019-03-071-1/+1
|\ \
| * | watchdog: fix WATCHDOG_POLLER menuconfigOleksij Rempel2019-02-271-1/+1
| |/
* | watchdog: add (U)EFI driverOleksij Rempel2019-02-183-0/+71
* ARM: i.MX: When SRSR shows wdog then lookup reset source in wdogSascha Hauer2018-11-161-3/+7
* drivers: Introduce dev_set_name()Andrey Smirnov2018-10-181-1/+1
* watchdog: rave-sp-wdt: Explicitly access EEPROM for bootsourceAndrey Smirnov2018-06-261-38/+41
* watchdog: rave-sp-wdt: Remove bogus leftover codeAndrey Smirnov2018-06-261-4/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2018-05-093-0/+432
| * watchdog: Port RAVE SP watchdog driver from Linux kernelAndrey Smirnov2018-05-043-0/+432
* | watchdog: omap: set hwdev before call watchdog_registerAndreas Schmidt2018-04-251-0/+1
* | watchdog: core: check hwdev before use itAndreas Schmidt2018-04-251-2/+4
* watchdog: add watchdog pollerOleksij Rempel2018-03-262-6/+77
* watchdog: provide timeout_cur valueOleksij Rempel2018-03-231-0/+18
* watchdog: set some reasonable timeout_max value if no other is availableOleksij Rempel2018-03-231-1/+7
* watchdog: move max timeout test in to wd_coreOleksij Rempel2018-03-235-23/+16
* watchdog: register watchdog virtual device with short name wdogOleksij Rempel2018-03-231-0/+24
* watchdog: rename dev to hwdevSascha Hauer2018-03-228-10/+10
* watchdog: implement bcm2835 watchdogLucas Stach2018-02-093-0/+148
* watchdog: add ar9344-wdt driverOleksij Rempel2018-01-053-0/+145
* Merge branch 'for-next/imx'Sascha Hauer2017-06-141-0/+6
| * i.MX/WD: setup the watchdog according to its datasheetJuergen Borleis2017-06-071-0/+6
* | watchdog: i.MX: fix i.MX6 resetChristian Hemp2017-06-131-0/+4
* watchdog: new driver for Armada XPUwe Kleine-König2017-03-313-0/+130
* watchdog: i.MX: Fix internal/external resetSascha Hauer2017-01-201-2/+14
* watchdog: i.MX: add soc_reset operationSascha Hauer2017-01-201-15/+25
* watchdog: add designware driverSteffen Trumtrar2016-11-033-0/+200
* driver: replace dev_request_mem_region with dev_request_mem_resourceSascha Hauer2016-03-075-15/+25
* driver: Fix return check of dev_request_mem_regionSascha Hauer2016-02-232-4/+4
* Merge branch 'for-next/omap'Sascha Hauer2015-12-083-0/+206
| * driver: watchdog: Add support for omap_wdtTeresa Remmet2015-11-233-0/+206
* | wdog: imx-wd: watchdog cannot be disabled againStefan Christ2015-11-301-1/+4
* watchdog: Give watchdogs a nameSascha Hauer2015-08-274-1/+17
* watchdog: Allow multiple watchdogsSascha Hauer2015-08-271-12/+45
* restart: replace reset_cpu with registered restart handlersSascha Hauer2015-08-272-29/+30
* watchdog: imxwd: remove remove callbackSascha Hauer2015-08-261-12/+0
* watchdog: add davinci watchdog driverJan Luebbe2015-08-033-0/+179
* of: use 'const void *' for struct of_device_id.dataAntony Pavlov2015-04-301-3/+3
* wdog: imx-wd: Disable watchdog powerdown counterMarkus Pargmann2015-04-131-0/+6
* wdog: imx-wd: Introduce ops struct for imx21/imx1Markus Pargmann2015-04-131-12/+43