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* led-trigger: Allow multiple led triggers of the same typeSascha Hauer2017-03-301-1/+5
* led: add blinking/flashing and led_blink_pattern interfaceSascha Hauer2017-03-301-0/+11
* led: add missing includesAlexander Aring2016-01-071-0/+3
* led: Fix led_gpio_rgb_unregister prototypeSascha Hauer2015-04-201-2/+2
* led: Add default-on triggerSascha Hauer2014-03-031-0/+1
* led: move led_of_parse_trigger to coreSascha Hauer2014-03-031-0/+2
* led-gpio: add bicolor led supportJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2012-11-191-0/+20
* LED: Add LED trigger supportSascha Hauer2010-12-201-0/+32
* LED: Add gpio LED supportSascha Hauer2010-12-201-0/+43
* basic LED supportSascha Hauer2010-12-201-0/+27