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* video: backlight: add slew time parameterLucas Stach2018-06-211-0/+1
* atmel_lcdfb: define power_control gpio in platform_dataSam Ravnborg2017-09-061-1/+2
* video: add VPL ioctl to get bus formatPhilipp Zabel2016-08-251-0/+1
* video: switch to media bus formatsPhilipp Zabel2016-08-252-151/+137
* video: backlight: add fallbacks for client functionsLucas Stach2015-08-191-0/+17
* video: Add Video Pipeline (VPL) supportSascha Hauer2015-07-131-0/+46
* video: Add backlight supportSascha Hauer2015-06-121-0/+20
* video: Add kernel fourcc definesSascha Hauer2014-03-291-0/+261
* video: add atmel lcdc frambuffer supportJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2013-01-281-0/+206