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Merge tag 'xtensa-20170612' of git://
Pull Xtensa fixes from Max Filippov: - don't use linux IRQ #0 in legacy irq domains: fixes timer interrupt assignment when it's hardware IRQ # is 0 and the kernel is built w/o device tree support - reduce reservation size for double exception vector literals from 48 to 20 bytes: fixes build on cores with small user exception vector - cleanups: use kmalloc_array instead of kmalloc in simdisk_init and seq_puts instead of seq_printf in c_show. * tag 'xtensa-20170612' of git:// xtensa: don't use linux IRQ #0 xtensa: reduce double exception literal reservation xtensa: ISS: Use kmalloc_array() in simdisk_init() xtensa: Use seq_puts() in c_show()
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