path: root/arch/x86/include/asm/string_64.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* x86/asm: Remove dead __GNUC__ conditionalsRasmus Villemoes2019-01-121-15/+0
* x86: re-introduce non-generic memcpy_{to,from}ioLinus Torvalds2019-01-041-18/+0
* x86/asm: Optimize memcpy_flushcache()Mikulas Patocka2018-09-101-1/+19
* x86/asm/memcpy_mcsafe: Return bytes remainingDan Williams2018-05-151-3/+5
* x86/asm/memcpy_mcsafe: Remove loop unrollingDan Williams2018-05-151-2/+2
* kmemcheck: rip it outLevin, Alexander (Sasha Levin)2017-11-151-8/+0
* License cleanup: add SPDX GPL-2.0 license identifier to files with no licenseGreg Kroah-Hartman2017-11-021-0/+1
* x86: implement memset16, memset32 & memset64Matthew Wilcox2017-09-081-0/+36
* include/linux/string.h: add the option of fortified string.h functionsDaniel Micay2017-07-121-0/+7
* x86, uaccess: introduce copy_from_iter_flushcache for pmem / cache-bypass ope...Dan Williams2017-06-091-0/+5
* x86, dax, pmem: remove indirection around memcpy_from_pmem()Dan Williams2017-04-251-0/+1
* x86/mce: Improve memcpy_mcsafe()Tony Luck2016-09-051-1/+15
* x86/mce: Add PCI quirks to identify Xeons with machine check recoveryTony Luck2016-09-051-0/+3
* x86/mm, x86/mce: Fix return type/value for memcpy_mcsafe()Tony Luck2016-03-161-2/+2
* x86/mm, x86/mce: Add memcpy_mcsafe()Tony Luck2016-03-081-0/+13
* x86, kasan: Fix build failure on KASAN=y && KMEMCHECK=y kernelsAndrey Ryabinin2015-10-191-3/+2
* x86_64: kasan: add interceptors for memset/memmove/memcpy functionsAndrey Ryabinin2015-02-131-1/+17
* x86: add hooks for kmemcheckVegard Nossum2009-06-151-0/+8
* x86: Fix ASM_X86__ header guardsH. Peter Anvin2008-10-221-3/+3
* x86, um: ... and asm-x86 moveAl Viro2008-10-221-0/+60