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rpi: barebox: migrate defaultenv from /env/config to nv variables
All upstream defaultenvs were converted in barebox 2015.01.0 [2] to use nv variables instead of /env/config, and /env/config is no longer sourced by the init script since barebox 2019.06.0 [1]. The default defaultenv already contains our variable definitions for allow_color, user, and autoboot_timeout, and the information in linux.bootargs.base is detected automatically as linux.bootargs.console from the port name given by the serial driver and CONFIG_BAUDRATE in the barebox config, so we don't have to convert those. This leaves boot.default, and converting this variable should also fix the issue of barebox trying to boot from net (instead of SD card) by default. [1]: 2019-02-25, Sascha Hauer: "defaultenv: Convert init script to C", [2]: 2014-11-06, Sascha Hauer: "defaultenv-2: Make use of nonvolatile variables", Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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-# change network settings in /env/network/eth0
-# change mtd partition settings and automountpoints in /env/init/*
-# set to false if you do not want to have colors
-# user (used for network filenames)
-# timeout in seconds before the default boot entry is started
-# default boot entry (one of /env/boot/*)
-# base bootargs
diff --git a/configs/platform-rpi/barebox-defaultenv/nv/boot.default b/configs/platform-rpi/barebox-defaultenv/nv/boot.default
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