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v7a: barebox-common: add a common reference config for all barebox variants
This package serves multiple purposes: * Make the barebox version and MD5 for all used barebox variants configurable with just one menu entry. * Have a common barebox configuration with a baseline feature set, which can be used by all barebox-* variants as a reference config with the config diff functionality introduced in PTXdist 2019.01.0. The common config is currently based on ARCH_BCM283X, which seems to generate the smallest config diff for all the existing device-specific barebox configs (which will be adapted in the next commits). The new barebox-common package only exists for the ability to call "ptxdist menuconfig" on it in order to change the common config. It isn't meant to build or install anything, so the compile, install and targetinstall stages can be no-ops. Also make sure that the menu entry for the common configuration is listed before all other barebox variants by naming the kconfig file appriopriately. Since the barebox-common config uses LZO image compression, depend on host-lzop too. Then configure it to use the version which is currently used for all other variants in the v7a platform. Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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+## SECTION=bootloader
+ string
+ default "arm"
+menuconfig BAREBOX_COMMON
+ prompt "common barebox options "
+ bool
+ help
+ A metapackage serving a reference config for all other barebox
+ variants in the v7a platform. It doesn't install anything.
+ prompt "barebox version"
+ string
+ default "2016.08.0"
+ prompt "barebox source md5sum"
+ string
+ prompt "barebox needs lzop"
+ bool
+ help
+ The barebox binaries can be compressed. Select this if lzop
+ is used in order to compile lzop for your development host.