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authorAhmad Fatoum <>2020-06-10 13:32:08 +0200
committerRobert Schwebel <>2020-06-17 17:06:04 +0200
commit3906b6b5f7f8b37d0cd3f5e3e39952571f7fa259 (patch)
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v7a: images: stm32mp: remove cargo-culted partition-type in GPT config
partition-type is specific to DOS partitions. The counterpart for GPT partitions would be partition-type-uuid, which already defaults to "L", which is ok for our purposes. So far, this didn't have an impact, but starting with genimage v13, commit 013b22f26b73 ("Add support for Hybrid MBR partitions"), support for a partition-type key in a GPT partition was introduced: Using this option with a GPT partition table will create a hybrid MBR partition table with a maximum of 3 partition entries(this limit does not effect the maximum number of GPT partition entries in the same image). The ARM TF-A can't cope with this new format and fails to boot barebox with a "ERROR: Partition ssbl not found" message. Drop partition-type to prevent the ptxdist 2020.06.0 upgrade that includes host-genimage v13 from breaking the stm32mp157c-dk2 and lxa-mc1 images. Signed-off-by: Ahmad Fatoum <>
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diff --git a/configs/platform-v7a/config/images/stm32mp.config b/configs/platform-v7a/config/images/stm32mp.config
index 0b9cfe8..c106320 100644
--- a/configs/platform-v7a/config/images/stm32mp.config
+++ b/configs/platform-v7a/config/images/stm32mp.config
@@ -20,11 +20,9 @@ image @IMAGE@ {
partition root {
image = root.ext2
- partition-type = 0x83
size = 512M
partition data {
- partition-type = 0x83
size = 100M