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+Texas Instruments System Control Interface (TI-SCI) Reset Controller
+Some TI SoCs contain a system controller (like the Power Management Micro
+Controller (PMMC) on Keystone 66AK2G SoC) that are responsible for controlling
+the state of the various hardware modules present on the SoC. Communication
+between the host processor running an OS and the system controller happens
+through a protocol called TI System Control Interface (TI-SCI protocol).
+For TI SCI details, please refer to the document,
+TI-SCI Reset Controller Node
+This reset controller node uses the TI SCI protocol to perform the reset
+management of various hardware modules present on the SoC. Must be a child
+node of the associated TI-SCI system controller node.
+Required properties:
+ - compatible : Should be "ti,sci-reset"
+ - #reset-cells : Should be 2. Please see the reset consumer node below for
+ usage details.
+TI-SCI Reset Consumer Nodes
+Each of the reset consumer nodes should have the following properties,
+in addition to their own properties.
+Required properties:
+ - resets : A phandle and reset specifier pair, one pair for each reset
+ signal that affects the device, or that the device manages.
+ The phandle should point to the TI-SCI reset controller node,
+ and the reset specifier should have 2 cell-values. The first
+ cell should contain the device ID. The second cell should
+ contain the reset mask value used by system controller.
+ Please refer to the protocol documentation for these values
+ to be used for different devices,
+Please also refer to Documentation/devicetree/bindings/reset/reset.txt for
+common reset controller usage by consumers.
+The following example demonstrates both a TI-SCI reset controller node and a
+consumer (a DSP device) on the 66AK2G SoC.
+pmmc: pmmc {
+ compatible = "ti,k2g-sci";
+ k2g_reset: reset-controller {
+ compatible = "ti,sci-reset";
+ #reset-cells = <2>;
+ };
+dsp0: dsp@10800000 {
+ ...
+ resets = <&k2g_reset 0x0046 0x1>;
+ ...