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@@ -3,13 +3,20 @@ Generic SYSCON mapped register reset driver
This is a generic reset driver using syscon to map the reset register.
The reset is generally performed with a write to the reset register
defined by the register map pointed by syscon reference plus the offset
-with the mask defined in the reboot node.
+with the value and mask defined in the reboot node.
Required properties:
- compatible: should contain "syscon-reboot"
- regmap: this is phandle to the register map node
- offset: offset in the register map for the reboot register (in bytes)
-- mask: the reset value written to the reboot register (32 bit access)
+- value: the reset value written to the reboot register (32 bit access)
+Optional properties:
+- mask: update only the register bits defined by the mask (32 bit)
+Legacy usage:
+If a node doesn't contain a value property but contains a mask property, the
+mask property is used as the value.
Default will be little endian mode, 32 bit access only.