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+Devicetree bindings for Maxim DS2760
+The ds2760 is a w1 slave device and must hence have its sub-node in DT
+under a w1 bus master node.
+The device exposes a power supply, so the details described in
+Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/supply/power_supply.txt apply.
+Required properties:
+- compatible: must be "maxim,ds2760"
+Optional properties:
+- power-supplies: Refers to one or more power supplies connected to
+ this battery.
+- maxim,pmod-enabled: This boolean property enables the DS2760 to enter
+ sleep mode when the DQ line goes low for greater
+ than 2 seconds and leave sleep Mode when the DQ
+ line goes high.
+- maxim,cache-time-ms: Time im milliseconds to cache the data for. When
+ this time expires, the values are read again from
+ the hardware. Defaults to 1000.
+- rated-capacity-microamp-hours:
+ The rated capacity of the battery, in mAh.
+ If not specified, the value stored in the
+ non-volatile chip memory is used.