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Required properties:
-- compatible: must be "maxim,max8973"
+- compatible: must be one of following:
+ "maxim,max8973"
+ "maxim,max77621".
- reg: the i2c slave address of the regulator. It should be 0x1b.
Any standard regulator properties can be used to configure the single max8973
+Optional properties:
+-maxim,externally-enable: boolean, externally control the regulator output
+ enable/disable.
+-maxim,enable-gpio: GPIO for enable control. If the valid GPIO is provided
+ then externally enable control will be considered.
+-maxim,dvs-gpio: GPIO which is connected to DVS pin of device.
+-maxim,dvs-default-state: Default state of GPIO during initialisation.
+ 1 for HIGH and 0 for LOW.
+-maxim,enable-remote-sense: boolean, enable reote sense.
+-maxim,enable-falling-slew-rate: boolean, enable falling slew rate.
+-maxim,enable-active-discharge: boolean: enable active discharge.
+-maxim,enable-frequency-shift: boolean, enable 9% frequency shift.
+-maxim,enable-bias-control: boolean, enable bias control. By enabling this
+ startup delay can be reduce to 20us from 220us.
max8973@1b {