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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Required properties:
- compatible: Must contain one or more of the following:
- "renesas,scif-r7s72100" for R7S72100 (RZ/A1H) SCIF compatible UART.
+ - "renesas,scif-r7s9210" for R7S9210 (RZ/A2) SCIF compatible UART.
- "renesas,scifa-r8a73a4" for R8A73A4 (R-Mobile APE6) SCIFA compatible UART.
- "renesas,scifb-r8a73a4" for R8A73A4 (R-Mobile APE6) SCIFB compatible UART.
- "renesas,scifa-r8a7740" for R8A7740 (R-Mobile A1) SCIFA compatible UART.
@@ -72,7 +73,21 @@ Required properties:
family-specific and/or generic versions.
- reg: Base address and length of the I/O registers used by the UART.
- - interrupts: Must contain an interrupt-specifier for the SCIx interrupt.
+ - interrupts: Must contain one or more interrupt-specifiers for the SCIx.
+ If a single interrupt is expressed, then all events are
+ multiplexed into this single interrupt.
+ If multiple interrupts are provided by the hardware, the order
+ in which the interrupts are listed must match order below. Note
+ that some HW interrupt events may be muxed together resulting
+ in duplicate entries.
+ The interrupt order is as follows:
+ 1. Error (ERI)
+ 2. Receive buffer full (RXI)
+ 3. Transmit buffer empty (TXI)
+ 4. Break (BRI)
+ 5. Data Ready (DRI)
+ 6. Transmit End (TEI)
- clocks: Must contain a phandle and clock-specifier pair for each entry
in clock-names.
@@ -89,7 +104,7 @@ Required properties:
- "scif_clk" for the optional external clock source for the frequency
divider (SCIF_CLK).
-Note: Each enabled SCIx UART should have an alias correctly numbered in the
+Note: Each enabled SCIx UART may have an optional "serialN" alias in the
"aliases" node.
Optional properties: